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Why do I need to service my differentials

Your front and rear differentials are an important part of your drivetrain and they are in constant motion even when not engaged. It's important to service them on a regular interval to keep them in good condition. Like anything on your vehicle it's better to maintain it rather than to repair it. Not all vehicles have differentials and those that do not all have both front and rear. 4 wheel drive and all wheel drive vehicles have both. Rear wheel drive only have a rear differential and front wheel drive don't have one at all. The service interval really depends on how you drive and what you do with your vehicle. Much of this depends on the manufacturer recommendations. If you have a "normal" car then the interval is typically 45,000 to 50,0000 miles. If you drive a sports car then it will depend sometimes it's 20,000 and other times it's 30,000 miles. If you drive a pickup then it all depends on the type of gears, the type of fluid and whether o ... read more


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