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What does a rack and pinion do?

What is a rack and pinion? Your rack and pinion is one of your steering components. Inside the rack and pinon, it has a pinion gear that is round. This connects to the steering column shaft. It also has a rack gear which is flat. The pinion gear stays stationary. It moves the rack gear back and forth as you turn your steering wheel. From there it connects to the tie rods that are connected to the knuckle at your wheel. This allows you to turn your vehicle. Give us a call and let us take care of you. Happy Adventures, Heather   Our specials can be found here - Specials - J & H Automotive, Inc Ready to make an appointment … Appointments - J & H Automotive, Inc Want to know more … About Us - J & H ... read more



When I turn my car jerks. Why?

When you're turning and your car jerks it could be an issue with your axle or suspension. Any time that your vehicle is making a weird noise or has started to drive differently it's best to have it looked at for your safety.  Give us a call or request an appointment on our website at www.jhautomotiveinc.com/appointments Happy Adventures, Heather

What are kingpins?

Kingpins are on larger vehicles, they hold the knuckle to the straight axle or I-beam. On smaller vehicles will have ball joints instead of the kingpin. When they wear out it will have excess play in the steering.  If you're having excess movement in your steering then it may be time to have it checked out.  Happy Adventures,  Heather

Shop Small Business Saturday

Shop Small Business Saturday

I know today is black Friday and that itself has become a national holiday, but with all of that please remember to shop at the local stores in your town. They are small businesses trying to provide for there families, they work long hours with very little reward other than to know they are making a difference in the lives of the people who they employ and to there children. We are a small business too and sometimes people forget.  Please remember to shop small and support that local family who is doing their best to make a difference. Happy Adventures,  Heather

My Steering Wheel is Not Straight

My Steering Wheel is Not Straight

When your steering wheel is not straight it can be an issue with your alignment. Not all roads are maintained the same and some can have pot holes. If you hit one of those just right it can cause the tire alignment to be off making your steering wheel off center and your steering and suspension could be misaligned causing uneven tire wear and poor handling.  Give us a call to set up an appointment and we will do an alignment check for you. We recommend that you have an alignment performed on your vehicle every 12 months and each time you purchase new tires.  Happy Adventures Heather

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