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10 Reason to work for J & H Automotive

10 Reasons You Should Come Work Us

  1. We do not work weekends

Time away from work is important to be able to recharge. Weekends are a great time to do that and spend time with our families.

  1. We love our employees

             We want the best for our employees and do our best to make the environment where they have to                   spend all day as enjoyable as we can.

  1. We offer great benefits

             We offer PTO, health insurance, 3% matching IRA, life insurance, mentoring, training, coffee days,                   treats, Friday lunch day, and much more

  1. Breakfast every morning

              They say it is the most important meal of the day. Let’s start each day off right with breakfast. During                so we go over the day that is to come. I make breakfast for the crew most mornings – on the days                    that I do not make breakfast then I typically get donuts for the crew – what’s your favorite?

  1. Our shop culture is exceptional

             We care about each other and check in daily. We make time to listen to what you have going on from               your desire to move, your child’s sports games, long term plans, events, goals and dreams. We                       always make sure that you can be there for life’s important events. We do love to joke and give each               other a hard time – it is always in good fun.

  1. We have shop dogs

             We call them the girls. We have two black Labradors and a French bulldog who come to work with us               daily. They are the best co-workers you can have. They stay in the office and out of your way, but                     they are always ready for a good belly rub.

  1. We like to have fun

             We live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, and we have so many opportunities available to us. We                    have recently started have a quarterly excursion if sales goals and production goals have been met.                Depending on the season we can go fishing, wine tasting, bowling, race go carts, boating,                               skiing/snowboarding, and many more options. We are always open to suggestions.

  1. We are family owned and operated

             We are still small town. We do not do corporate. Do you remember small town and how you were                     treated? Like everyone knew you and you knew everyone. That is us.

  1. We treat all our clients like our grandma.

             We would rather have the customer for life than a quick sale. Safety along with the long-term goals                 and needs are our primary concern. Maintenance to prevent breakdowns is our goal. This keeps                     customers happy and safe.

  1. Because we are awesome

             We all have hopes and dreams that we want to achieve in our lives. Our goal is to use this business                 to achieve those hopes and dreams – that means your dreams not just ours. Let us help you make                   those hopes and dreams a reality. The success of our crew is just as important as the success of our               business.

Come meet us, hang out and see if you want to join our merry band of misfits too. You can email us at [email protected]

Happy Adventures,

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