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What to put in an emergency kit for my car?

What to put in an emergency kit for my car?

Travel season is an ongoing affair, and your checklist should adapt to the circumstances. Below, we've assembled a comprehensive list of must-haves for your journeys. Oregon's climate is a diverse tapestry, with each part of the state offering its unique weather conditions. The coast is often marked by blustery, rainy weather with a touch of chilliness. The mountains introduce the challenges of snow, ice, and wind. The Willamette Valley delivers a mixed bag of meteorological surprises, including plenty of rain, wind, fog, occasional hail, and rare snow and ice occurrences. Our temperatures are typically moderate, but we do encounter a few stretches of cold weather each year. Snowfall is a fleeting guest. Venture eastward across the mountains to the high desert of central Oregon, and you'll find even colder winters, considerable snowfall, and bone-chilling temperatures. Yet, the azure skies and sunny days compensate for the frigidity. As you proceed further east, the patter ... read more

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