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Monthly Archives: October 2022

When should I replace my windshield wipers

How are your wipers? The forecast is calling for rain starting Friday. We had a hot dry summer, and luckily that turned into beautiful fall weather. I'm sure we will still have some lovely days ahead, but the rain is coming and is needed.  All the heat from the summer will dry out the rubber on your wipers and cause your wiper blades to be streaky, miss spots and just make it hard to see.  We have wipers in most sizes of wipers in stock. If yours are a special size give us a call and we will get them ordered for you before you arrive. You're welcome to stop by anytime during business hours and we will get you a new set of wipers so you are safe on the road. Give us a call and let us take care of you.  Happy Adventures,  Heather   



What you need for fall and winter weather driving

What you need for fall and winter weather driving

Travel season really never ends, but what you need to have with you does. Here's our list of what you should have with you on your adventures.   Here in Oregon, we have a wide range of weather conditions relying upon which part of the state you live. At the coast the weather conditions are windy and rainy and a bit chilly. The mountains can be hazardous with snow, ice and wind. In the Willamette Valley we have a bit of everything, lots of rain, wind, fog, some hail, occasionally snow and ice. Our temperatures are ordinarily moderate, however we do get a couple of long stretches of frigid temperatures each year. The snow seldom stays close by for a really long time. On the opposite side of the mountains in the high desert of central Oregon they have cold winters, in some cases plenty of snow and much colder temperatures. It is counterbalanced however by the blue skies and bright days. As you get farther over east it continues with something very similar. More snow, more c ... read more

What is a cabin air filter?

Your cabin air filter filters the air that you breathe in. The air that flows through your vents has to go through the cabin air filter first. This filter catches dust, dirt, debris, smoke, allergens, and mold spores. Over time your cabin air filter will become dirty. When it becomes dirty it restricts the air flow from your heater and air conditioner. It can also accumulate moisture. When it starts to do this those mold spores can grow and so will mildew. This will cause an unpleasant odor that will make your vehicle smell badly. This can be harmful to you and your family. Your cabin air filter should be changed every year. If you have pets, or live in an area with a lot of wildfire smoke and dust then it should be changed more frequently. Give us a call at 541-791-2886 or schedule you appointment online and let us take care of you.  Happy Adventures, Heather


Cabin air filter

Why when I turn my key nothing happens?

Do you hear anything at all? If you hear a click then it could be a faulty starter. Over time the contacts on the starter wear down and stop connecting. The other reason is the brushes on the inside of the starter wear down and no longer carry the electricity you need to start your vehicle. Give us a call and let us take care of you.   Happy Adventures,  Heather

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