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  • There is a battery light on? What is it?

    Posted on 17, October, 2018

    That is your battery warning light and it should be a picture of a batter and it should be red. This sign is an indication that the battery in your car is having an issue, and may not be charging anymore. 

    If you spot this while driving, the first thing to do is to turn off all electrical components in your car. This includes the air conditioning, heating, stereo, interior lighting, seat heaters/coolers. Don't switch off the headlights if you are driving at night, but if you are driving during the day turn off the day time running lights. 

    If at all possible stop by and we will help you resolve this issue before it causes more trouble. 

    Happy Adventures


  • What is the oil can icon on the dash for?

    Posted on 16, October, 2018


    That is your engine oil pressure light, it should look like an oil pitcher and it will be red. If that ever comes on when you are driving please pull over, it can mean that your engine is low on oil and if you were to keep driving it could cause major damage to your engine. It doesn't always mean that it is low on oil or that there is an issue, but it is best to treat it that way just to be safe. 

    So, if you spot that light on your dash while you are driving, pull over, turn off the engine and call for a professional to help.

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  • My left turn signal is blinking faster than the right. Why?

    Posted on 15, October, 2018

    Typically when one side is blinking faster than the other it means that you have a bulb that has gone bad and needs to be replaced. If the bulb has been replaced recently then it is probably the socket which the bulb goes into that has an issue. 

    We always have the most common bulbs on had for just a time like this, stop by and we can make sure you're safe on the road.

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