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Monthly Archives: November 2023

What options do I have for Snow Tires?

Winter is here, and it's time to think about the best tires for snowy roads. Two main types are studded and studless snow tires, and each has its own strengths. Let's explore the differences to help you choose the right ones for your winter drives.  Studless Snow Tires: Quiet and Snow-Friendly Studless snow tires are made with a softer material to grip snowy surfaces better. They don't have metal studs, so they're kinder to roads. These tires work well in the snow, giving you good control and handling. Their soft rubber can bend with the snowy road bumps. Good Things about Studless Snow Tires: 1. All-Around Use: These tires work great in different winter conditions, making them good for places with lots of snow. 2. Not Too Loud: Because of their soft material, these tires don't make much noise on dry roads, so your ride is smoother and quieter. 3. Gentle on Roads: They're less likely to damage roads, which is good if you're in an area that ca ... read more


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