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Air Conditioning not Working?

It's that time of the year when we all turn on our car air conditioning system on the first 80 degree day, it's not something we've thought about for the last 8 months and we remember it was cold the last time we used it and now it's not. No one wants to be in a hot car with no air conditioning or running around with the windows down with all the pollen in the air.

It could be as simple as the refrigerant in your air conditioning system is low and it just needs a recharge, or you could have a component that went out sometime over the winter. The easiest way to know what happened is to schedule an appointment to have your air conditioning system tested. One other detail that most people don't realize is that the air conditioning compressor also turns off and on all winter when you're using your defroster, so it really works all year long.

Jason and Heather


Air Conditioning
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