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What you need for fall and winter weather driving

Travel season really never ends, but what you need to have with you does. Here's our list of what you should have with you on your adventures.  

Here in Oregon, we have a wide range of weather conditions relying upon which part of the state you live. At the coast the weather conditions are windy and rainy and a bit chilly. The mountains can be hazardous with snow, ice and wind. In the Willamette Valley we have a bit of everything, lots of rain, wind, fog, some hail, occasionally snow and ice. Our temperatures are ordinarily moderate, however we do get a couple of long stretches of frigid temperatures each year. The snow seldom stays close by for a really long time. On the opposite side of the mountains in the high desert of central Oregon they have cold winters, in some cases plenty of snow and much colder temperatures. It is counterbalanced however by the blue skies and bright days. As you get farther over east it continues with something very similar. More snow, more cold and more blue skies. In southern Oregon the weather conditions can be cold and wet, they get more snow, wind and fog. Like us a bit of everything.


It does not matter if you are running across town or if you are traveling across state lines we want to ensure you are ready for what mother nature has in store. We would hope that this would not be an issue however break downs due occur. We want you to be ready on the off chance that it takes time for the tow truck to get to you. While the cell phone companies are better at coverage we do have a large amount of space that is not covered. Depending on where you are it could be a little while before help arrives. You simply have to have a couple of necessities to protect you and your loved ones.

Fuel - Keep your vehicle full with fuel whenever the situation allows. Top off at a half tank, in the event that you are broke down it permits you to remain warm.

Side of the road crisis kit - this will have flares, street markers, jumper cables - a couple of the fundamentals that could get you back out and about once more. 

Flashlight - lets face it, it is dark when we leave for work and when we get home. If you are headed over the mountains it get dark even earlier. Having a flashlight not just allows you to see where you are at, it allows other motorists to see you too. It can help you flag down someone for help and prevent them from hitting you if you are changing a tire on the side of the road.  A battery-powered is the way to go. 

Water - it is critical to keep at least 1 bottle of water per individual in your vehicle in the event that you are in need. This likewise means your pets too. Ensure you have a bottle for each of them as well.

Blankets - a blanket is critical to keep you warm in the event that you run out of fuel in your vehicle, or in the event that you cannot start your engine.  When my children were little, this was not a hard task. Now that they are teens, I simply have a bag in the back with everything I in it.

Snacks - its bad enough that you are stranded. To be hungry too is just added misery. A couple of granola bars, trail mix, jerky or similar will help keep the hunger pains away. This should help to hold you over until you get back on the road. 

Tire chains - if you are headed over the pass either chains or traction tires are required. If you have chains you need to know how to use them. If you do not know you can call to schedule an appointment and we will show you.

I'm certain there are more things for the list, but this is a good starting point. Everything relies upon where you reside and where you are going.

We have a winter driving kit we are giving away to you. The kit includes an emergency blanket, flashlight and first aid kit and much more. Click the link below to take you to our specials page or give us a call to schedule your appointment today.  

Give us a call and let us take care of you. 

Happy Adventures, 

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