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Steering and brakes are the two most important safety components of your vehicle, not that being able to drive and move isn't important, but if you can't steer or stop then that becomes a problem very quickly and we all want to be safe out there on the road.

Modern vehicles come with disc brake pads for the front braking system. These consist of a brake pad, brake rotor and a caliper. It works by the caliper squeezing the pad onto the rotor and that is how you stop. Over time the pad material wears and has to be replaced. The brake rotor will also have to be replaced when they are worn. Brake calipers unless they begin to stick or seize are not a item that typically has to be replaced. 

For rear there are two options one is the disc brake pads and the other is brake shoes. The disc brake pads are the same as the front with the same components. The brake shoes are part of a drum system and they usually wear at a slower rate. 

The same components are used on cars, pickups, gas, diesel, electric or hybrid vehicles, the difference is the types of material used and how long they last depends on the type of driver you are. 

We just want everyone to stay safe on all of there journeys. 

Happy Adventures,


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