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Did you know? Brake Materials

At one time there were only a couple of options for brake pad material. Now there are many types and they are very application specific. 

Semi-Metallic : These are typically used for heavier applications. For heavier vehicles and specifically for vehicles that two. They are also used in high performance vehicles where high grip is more important than the life of your brake rotor. 

Ceramic : This is becoming the most common type of brake pad material. These are used primarily on passenger cars and mini-vans. They provide good stopping power with less dust and noise. They typically have a longer life span and do not wear down brake rotors as quickly. 

Carbon Ceramic : These are typically used on high performance exotic sports cars. These provide unparalleled braking performance. These components are more expensive than traditional braking components. 

Give us a call and let us take care of you. Also if you have questions about what type of brakes your vehicle has. 

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Did you know
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