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Diesel pickups and you

Where to start...well for one I have a love for a good diesel pickup (please don't tell my husband I don't really care about which brand), and I don't mean the ones that smoke you out at the stop light. Those are just annoying and give everyone else a bad name. I am talking about the honest hard working pickups that do there job day in and out with little complaint. Really the only thing they really want is regular maintenance to keep them running like they were new, and an occasional bath for when they get really dirty. 

If you are thinking of getting one the biggest thing I would ask is can you keep up with the maintenance requirements. Diesels tend to get a little cranky when they have been neglected and then it takes some time to get them back to where they want to be again. 

We service diesel pickups and cars along with all of there gas counterparts. We can take care of those hybrids and electric cars too. Give us a call and let us keep you to where you are going. 

Happy Adventures



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