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Digital Inspections and what you need to know

The automotive industry is working hard on being more "green" we know that we are dealing with elements that in many ways we cannot control, what we can do is lessen the amount of paper used in our businesses every day and one way to do that is to do digital inspections rather than the tried and true paper version. We have gone through a couple of different ones and I believe we have found one that will work well for us and lessen our impact. 

How it works, typically when you come in we do an inspection and make sure you're safe to go on all of your adventures, this was done on a piece of paper that we stapled to your repair order and invoice. Now we are using a digital inspection so we have one less piece of paper and the benefit is we get to take pictures and we can send them to you via text or email so you can see what's going on with your vehicle too. Now we just attach a link to your account so it's always available. 

The next time you are in we will make sure we have your updated email address and mobile phone number so we can send you your inspection and you can see everything that we did. 

Happy Adventures


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