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High water and your car

We have a few safety reminders for those who are out and about during all this high water we are having. 

1. If it says the road is closed, please turn around and find another way. There is a good reason it's closed. Debris could be in the road, and even worse it could have washed out part of the road and that will not be visible with the dirty water.

2. If you do have to drive through water to get home or to work please go slowly. When going through deeper puddles it can cause the cold water to splash up onto your engine and exhaust. The engine could suck in water through the air filter damaging the engine. It could crack the exhaust manifold, and it could cause your drive belts to slip, or even electrical issues. 

3. Your brakes - if you have driven through water you need to use your brakes as soon as possible to dry out the pads and rotors. Gently apply them several times to get them dried out, so they will function properly.

4. Hydro-plaining - with all this rain on the roads it can cause your car to hydroplane - be careful of where you're driving and how fast you're going. 

We just want you to get to where you are going safe and sound. Give us a call if you have any questions or if you have an concerns about your vehicle. 

Happy Adventures,


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