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How do I improve my fuel mileage?

How do I improve my fuel mileage?

I am sure you are aware that fuel prices are going up daily. If your car gets poor fuel economy, then that can start to add up quickly. We hope you have been enjoying this summer of the great American road trip. Some of us have been able to explore more than others. Are you planning your next trip? Have you decided where you are going to adventure to next summer? The last thing any of us want is to have to worry about the cost of fuel while we are planning our road trip.

We can all make a few changes that will help save us when we get to the pump.

  1. Make sure your tires are at the proper air pressure. If your tires are under inflated, then it will create drag and that will lessen your fuel economy.
  2. Engine air filter – if your Engine Air Filter is dusty, dirty, or clogged then it is restricting air flow to your engine. This makes your engine work harder and it uses more fuel. We all like to breathe clean air.
  3. Fuel Filter – not all vehicles have a fuel filter that is accessible. You can ask if it is when you schedule your appointment. A fuel filter that is restricted will cause your fuel pump to work harder. This will also cause your engine to not be as efficient as it should causing your fuel mileage to go down.
  4. Mass Air Flow Sensor – your mass air flow sensor measures the amount of air that comes into your engine so it can calculate the correct amount of fuel. This creates that optimum mixture and allows your engine to run at peak performance. this should be checked to make sure it is functioning properly. Over time the sensor will start to wear out and if it is not giving the proper reading.
  5. Oxygen Sensor – your vehicle can have up to 4 oxygen sensors a few have more than that. The oxygen sensor measures the amount of left-over oxygen in the exhaust to determine the efficiency of your engine. They will adjust the amount of fuel going into your engine to make sure it is working efficiently. If your oxygen sensors are old, they will stop measuring properly and this will cause your fuel economy to go up.
  6. Ignition Components – over time these components wear slowly, and it will hinder your engine’s ability to ignite the air and fuel mixture at the proper time. If this happens then you will have unused fuel that goes out the tail pipe.
  7. Induction Service – most engines are now direct injected. Over time this will cause components in your engine get carbon built up and cause the passages to not allow air to flow as it should. This restriction will cause your fuel mileage to go down. Having those passages cleaned will allow for greater air flow and your fuel economy will go up.

All of these will help your fuel mileage to go up saving you money at the pump. Give us call and let us take care of you.

Happy Adventures,

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