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How often should I change my oil?


Car manufacturers are extending oil change intervals to 7,500 miles or more, there is even a commercial on TV that says you only need to change your oil on an annual basis. There are a few problems with waiting so long to change your oil. One is oil consumption - these same manufactures that tell you only to change your oil every 7,500 miles don't tell you that you engine can consume/burn up to 1 quart of oil per 500 miles. Yes you read that correctly 500 miles. For some people that is one or two tanks of fuel. That means if your car holds 5 quarts of oil, that you will be out of oil before you get to 2,500 miles, unless you are checking your oil every time you get fuel; this could cause catastrophic failure to your engine.

It would not be covered under your factory warranty - they expect you to check your oil to make sure it's at the proper level and if you're not then it is considered neglect. We still recommend that if your car uses regular oil then to change it every 3,000 miles, full synthetic and diesel oil every 5,000 miles - it's cheap insurance to make sure your second largest investment (your home is typically number 1) stays in good condition. 

Not all manufacturers and not all engines may burn this much oil, we would be happy to check your oil for you, just stop by when you have a moment. Give us a call and we can schedule you an appointment to change your oil.

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