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How to sanitize your car

Just a few helpful tips to keep you and your family healthy.

1. Vacuum - while you're cleaning your car do it a favor and vacuum those carpets and floor mats. 

2. Using disinfecting wipes wipe down all touch areas. This includes door handles, steering wheel, seats, radio. Wipes are hard on your surfaces so I would recommend to condition them after they are disinfected to prevent premature wear. 

3. Wash your windows. 

4. If you have kids in car seats make sure you take those out, wash the cover and disinfect the rest. 

5. Add tissues and a toss-able garbage container. I use to have reusable one but I tossed it to prevent germs from lingering. 

6. Plan on doing a deep cleaning weekly for now, and anytime you drive your car at least do all the major touch points when you get home from your errands. 

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