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I have a mouse in my car

I have a mouse in my car.

As cute as mice are in the storybooks they are hard on vehicles and the components. One little mouse can cause a lot of damage if they are left to do what they want. Mice will make a nest in any area they want and they love to chew on wiring which is a different issue all on it's own. 

To keep mice out of your car here are some tips. 
1. Don't leave food in your car - this attracts them
2. Don't leave clothing in your car - it makes a great nest
3. Put a dryer sheet in your glove box and that will help to keep them away - they don't like the smell

If you do have an issue with mice then you should have a professional find the access points to your heater and air intake and cover them with wire mess. This will also deter them and hopefully they will find a new home. 

Give us a call and let us take care of you. 

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