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My Car Won't Start

My car won't start.
I've had this happen and it's never at a good or convenient time. It happened to me just last week in fact. I went out to go to the gym early in the morning and when I went to turn the key …. nothing, no click, to lights, nothing, nadda, zip. I ran back in the house woke Jason up and told him what had happened - ask him to fix it, took his keys and still made it to my 5am workout. I know that I am lucky to live with the mechanic (sometimes) it was just a dead battery. The boys had been in the Yukon and the key got left on. Jason charged the battery and I was good to go when I was ready to head to work.
This wasn't the first time this has happened and it hasn't always been the battery.....
When the oldest was still trap shooting I had the alternator go out on the way home. I was a bit nervous that time. All of the sudden the bright red battery light came on and the headlights started to go dim. It didn't help it was winter where it gets dark at 5pm or that it was raining that evening. Jason told me I would be fine and I did make it home. I did not make it to work the next morning though. He had forgotten about my battery light and started my vehicle early to let it warm up, well by the time I got outside my car was dead....let's just say I made it to work and he did a little service call at home. 
It's never a good time for your car to not start - let us do an electrical test on your car to make sure it starts when you want it to. 
I'll tell you about my catalytic converter story and my fuel pump story another day.
Happy Adventures
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