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School's back in!!

It's week three of school being back in. In our house we are settling into back into our schedule and things are going well (so far). I have a driver now so that is taking a huge load off in the mornings too. This is not to say everything is just peaches and cream - trust me I have plenty of the where is this and that and why aren't you dressed and you're going ot have to eat this on the way to school.  This is our last year of having three in three different schools, next year we're starting the down hill slope and we're at two schools.

I thought I drove a lot before school started but now with all that drop-ff and pick-up stuff along with high school sports my car is getting a workout for sure. It's almost ready for another oil change and probably a little scheduled maintenance too. 

Give us a call and let us take care of you. We will make you a maintenance schedule for your car so you know when and what is due. 

Happy Adventures


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