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Should I trade my high mileage car?

This is entirely up to you. Sometimes it is time for a new vehicle and other times you can keep going. This all depends on the condition of your current vehicle. If you have done all your scheduled maintenance on time or close to it and you've taken good care of your vehicle then keep it unless you're ready for a car payment plus the expense of the maintenance that it will need on top of it. Now maybe your vehicle is a little behind on it's maintenance, it can be caught up and it will still run great. This will depend on what you want to invest in your vehicle. I have two options I tell people. Option one is your car is in great shape and it may need a bit of maintenance to keep it going or option two of it's time for a new vehicle.

Just so you know my daily driver is not new, she's a 2004 and I love her. She has only left me stranded once with no fault of her own - the water pump died on the way home from work one day. Other than that she runs beautiful and she has over 361,000 miles, yes over 361,000 miles. I make sure the oil gets changed regularly and when she needs a bit of work we get it taken care of. You're probably thinking well that's easy for you since you have a shop. Actually it's harder to get my vehicle in to get it taken care of than it is for you. Either way good maintenance is the key to a long and happy life with your vehicle. No one but you can make the ultimate choice on what you want to do with your vehicle, but I am happy to offer you the options and my educated opinion. 

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High Mileage
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