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My Summer Road Trip Tips

Summer is just around the corner and that means road trips whether for a week or a day. It never hurts to be prepared so you are not making a last minute stop. This can either add a bit of adventure or ruin your day. The best advice we can give you is to plan ahead as much as you can. Here is our top 10 for getting you ready to go on your next road trip.

1. Pre-trip inspection - this will keep you on the road and make sure you do not have any unexpected detours. This will not prevent all breakdowns but it does help. This should cover all your fluids, brakes and tires. It should also be a comprehensive check over the rest of your vehicle as well. 

2. Oil change - if you are going farther than just a day trip or a weekend and you are getting close this is a good time to get that oil changed. 

3. Safety equipment - you do not need a lot but a few things are a must have. For your vehicle flashlights, blankets, matches, and a shovel. For you bottled water, and long lasting food like granola bars or jerky. This is in case you get stuck somewhere without cell phone service. Jason and I tend to get adventurous and we always want to make sure we are covered. 

4. Kids going along? Snacks, blankets, drinks and games are a necessity to keep you sane. It also makes the drive more enjoyable for everyone. This would be for anytime - I still make sure they have drinks every time they get in the car. 

5. Pets? Make sure you have your best friend covered with some water and a snack. Leashes, collars, and dog waste bags are always needed. If you are planning on going hiking and you want your dog to be off leash then a bell is a great way to keep track while they are running along. 

6. Leave your plans with a friend or family member. I know this sounds silly for a day trip, but it is good to have someone know where you are going. This can be as simple as we are headed to the beach for the day or going on this hike. I say this from personal experience we had a family member get lost for 3 days after his friend had a heart attack. He went back to recover the gear and got disoriented after being awake for 2 days. We found him alive thankfully. It is always good to let people know where you are headed. 

7. Play list - you need one. Nothing is worse than fighting over the radio. This can also be solved with a good book on tape - yes I am dating myself here... Audible is great too. For a multiple day trip let everyone take a turn with the radio. 

8. Take a turn around your vehicle at each fuel stop. This gives you a moment to stretch your legs and also to make sure that your tires all look good. Even if they are brand new you could still have an issue. 

9. Snacks - this is important. Almost as important as anything else on the list. No one wants a hangry passenger or driver. If it is just the two of you think about packing a picnic for your lunch. This also helps to prevent those gas station grabs that may leave you not feeling your best. 

10. Enjoy your road trip. Things are going to happen. Something will cause a delay. It may not go as planned. Enjoy the journey and know that every detour may lead to a new adventure.

Give us a call and let us take care of you. 

Happy Adventures, 


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