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Summer Travel Tips - Number 7 - Pets

If you've ever stepped in the door you know all about Kenzie, Ashley and Bailey. They're the black labrador girls in the office. They're our girls and we're fortunate to bring them with us, they not only come to work with us but we also travel with them, and they go camping with us too. We've learned a few things since we got Kenzie in 2012 about what you need when you travel with your pet. 

1. A go bag - it's the term that my Mom has always referred to as the bag you grab when you're headed out the door. I have a few of them, one is for the girls. It has all the needed items from water dish, leashes and disposal bags. 

2. Water - I get a gallon jug and just refill it at the house, we also have a collapable silicone water dish, it's compact and it works great for the girls. 

3. Leashes - while the girls are trained to be off the leash most places require that you have your dog on a leash, this is for the safety of your dog and for other people who may not love your dog as much as you do. 

4. Dog poop bags - not the most poetic of things, but if you've got a dog then you've used them before and you should always have them. Many parks now have bags for your use in case you've forgotten them or if you have run out. Make sure you pick up after your dog it makes everyone's day better. 

5. If it's hot think twice before taking your dog with you. Never leave them in a hot car and really they're more comfortable in the a/c of home. 

Give us a call and let us take care of you. 

Happy Adventures,




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