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What do the lights on my dash mean?

What do the lights on my dash mean?

Your dash has so many lights on it, and they are all important. Some are crucial to the operation of your engine. Others let you know when your lights are on. Let’s go through them one by one and we will solve the mystery of the lights on your dash.

The first is your check engine light. The check engine light can look a couple of different ways. One will say service engine soon and the other is a picture of an engine. This light tells you when something is not working properly with your vehicle. It will come on due to a faulty sensor or module. A misfire in your engine or another engine issue. Even though it is a check engine light it will also come on due to an issue with your transmission. This light should not be ignored. There are times that your light may come on due to your fuel cap not being tight enough, and while that is an easy issue to fix it can cause issues with other components. Not taking care of your check engine light can cause bigger issues or long-term problems. Not dealing with an issue will cause an even bigger issue for you and possibly a more expensive repair.

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