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When should I have my car winterized?

When should I have my car winterized?

Your car should be checked over before winter or cold weather gets to you. This check-up includes testing your battery, alternator, electrical components, hoses, engine fluids including antifreeze or coolant and engine oil. Keeping your car well maintained keeps it on the road longer and it also prevents breakdowns. Your engine coolant should be changed every 36 months to keep it in good condition. Your hoses should be changed every 100K or every 6 years. This keeps you from having a breakdown or a damaged engine from a leak or a broken hose. If you live in a climate where it has more extreme heat or cold than here in the Willamette Valley then these may change. If you are ready to have your vehicle checked over before it gets cold outside give us a call and let us take care of you.

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