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Why did my car die while driving

It's happened to me and it's one of the worst feelings ever when your car stops running while you're driving down the road. I expect my car to get me from point A to point B and when it doesn't it's not a great feeling. Some of this can be prevented with regular maintenance and some of it is just unexpected. The last time it happened to me my fuel pump died while I was headed home. This isn't something that you can plan ahead like a tune up or timing belt or even fluid services, this is just a breakdown. Fortunately fuel pumps do not go out often and they last for many years. I replaced the one in my current vehicle when it had over 200K miles on it. When your fuel pump stops working, your car will die and will not start. You can turn the key but nothing will happen. At this point you will need to have your vehicle towed and then repaired. 

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