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Why does my A/C blow hot on the passenger side

Why does my A/C blow hot on one side?

This happened to my car last year and I can say if you are on the side that is not blowing hot it is not an enjoyable experience. It can happen due to a sticking, broken or malfunctioning temperature blend door. This occurs for a multiple of reasons. One of the multiple electrical components may have failed, this will cause it to not actuate properly and cause the door to stick. Another option is a mechanical breakdown where the internal gears have stripped.  When the gears strip then it does not allow it to turn properly opening the doors when required. The other option is that is has debris that has made its way inside causing the door to not open properly. Either way it is frustrating, and it almost always happens on the warmest days of the year. Give us a call and let us take care of you.

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