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Why does my a/c system need to be topped off?

The fact of the matter is your cars a/c system is a sealed unit.  The E.P.A. has mandated that automotive a/c should not leak freon/refrigerant into the air. If you are adding to your cars a/c system there is a leak that should be found and repaired. Some leaks are large and very easy to find, while others can be very small and very difficult to find. We have very expensive leak detectors that help us find those small leaks, even with these tools we sometimes can’t find it and we will fill the system with a dye and ask you to come back for a recheck in a week or two. The whole point of an a/c system is to keep you cool on your adventures and not that the breeze doesn't feel great, but with all this smoke in the air I would rather not.
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