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Why is my car shaking more than normal?

Why does my car shake?

Your car could be shaking from a worn-out Engine/Motor/Transmission Mount. Your Engine and Transmission Mounts take a lot of stress. Every time you turn on your Engine your Engine vibrates, and all those vibrations are absorbed through your Engine and Transmission Mounts. Over time the components of the Engine and Transmission Mount will wear out. It is when they start to wear out that it is time for them to be replaced. Some newer vehicles have Engine Mounts that are filled with hydraulic fluid. If this start to leak, then they will need to be replaced. There is no maintenance schedule to tell you when they are due. Fortunately, they typically last for a long time. Any time that your vehicle is doing something that it not its normal then it should be checked. For your safety and those around you. Give us a call and let us take care of you.

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