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Why should I replace my shocks and struts?

Your shocks and struts do more than just cushion your ride. Did you know they also help keep your tires on the ground. This increases your stability and control of your vehicle. Your shocks and struts will increase the life of your tires by maintaining constant contact with the road surface. When your stocks and struts bounce they can cause damage to the tire and uneven tread wear. Your shocks and struts also aid in how quickly you are able to stop when braking. When your stocks and struts are worn out and or damaged they could greatly increase your stopping distance. This in an emergency situation can cause an accident. Most of the time you will not notice that your shocks and struts are worn out due to how slowly they wear. Many times after they are replaced you will notice a better and quieter ride.  Manufactures recommend your replace your shocks and struts every 50,000 to 100,000 miles. This depends all on the vehicle you drive. Give us a all and let us take care of you. 

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