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Why should you change your diesel's air filter

I'm just going to start this out by saying I love my diesel pickup. It does everything that I ask it to and it runs great. Saying that, diesels can be finicky, and sometimes they can be trouble. There is nothing a diesel loves more than maintenance, and if maintained properly they will have fewer repairs and breakdowns. When I say they love maintenance I mean it, and this isn't the big stuff it's really the smaller stuff. Oil changes, fuel filters, air filters, those types of things. Now that I've told you all of my love of diesels......

Today we're talking about air filters. When your air filter is dirty it restricts air flow. When this happens it will start to suck oil through the crankcase and charge air cooler, then it will start passing through the turbo and nothing good can come of any of that. I best recommendation is that when your air filter is dirty please do not neglect it and just replace it as needed. 

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