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10 Holiday Travel Tips

Santa Claus

Today I thought we should discuss a few holiday travel tips that while the are good for this time of year are also a good reminder for the entire year. 

1. Breathe - we are all trying to get to where we are going and getting upset is not going to get you there any quicker. 

2. Leave early - you already know the roads will be packed, leave a little early so you don't have to worry about being late. Make sure you have an alternate route in case the road is stopped - maybe just take that one instead, a scenic drive is always nice. 

3. Don't get hangry - take snacks, it doesn't matter how long the drive just take some snacks.

4. Get fuel the day before you leave - trust me you don't want this fight.

5. Rethink your packing - the night before go through and decide what is really needed and then thin it out. 

6. Chargers - you know you need them, make sure you have one for every single device you are taking - again trust me on this one. 

7. Take something to do in the car - find games to play, song to sing 

8. Take a blanket and/or pillow - even if it's a short drive by evening you'll be happy you have it. 

9. Pack the car if at all possible the night before. That way if you have to leave early you're not scrambling and things don't get forgotten, if you can't pack the night before then make a list of everything you need instead. Nothing starts an argument faster in my home than something that was forgotten. 

10. Enjoy this time with your family. Sometimes it's hard to remember when the kids are arguing and things are not going as planned, time is fleeting, enjoy it. 

Be safe this holiday season, Merry Christmas from all of us to all of you. 

Happy Adventures,

Jason, Heater, Olivia, Dustin and Tom

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