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Monthly Archives: May 2018

Air Conditioning not Working?

It's that time of the year when we all turn on our car air conditioning system on the first 80 degree day, it's not something we've thought about for the last 8 months and we remember it was cold the last time we used it and now it's not. No one wants to be in a hot car with no air conditioning or running around with the windows down with all the pollen in the air. It could be as simple as the refrigerant in your air conditioning system is low and it just needs a recharge, or you could have a component that went out sometime over the winter. The easiest way to know what happened is to schedule an appointment to have your air conditioning system tested. One other detail that most people don't realize is that the air conditioning compressor also turns off and on all winter when you're using your defroster, so it really works all year long. Jason and Heather


Air Conditioning

Overheating and You

We are coming into the warmer months of the year and with that it can be easier for your vehicle to overheat if it is due for a cooling system fluid service or low on coolant/antifreeze. If your vehicle is starting to run warmer than normal it would be a good idea to have a cooling system test done. In a cooling system test they should check your vehicle for any external leaks, test the coolant/antifreeze, and pressurize the system to make sure you don't have any internal leaks. We all want to get where we are going and the best way to do that is to take good care of your vehicle and to make sure it is properly maintained. Cooling systems and hoses should be done every 100K or 6 years. If you think about it 100,000 miles is a lot of heating and cooling of those hoses and the fluid that goes through them. If it's been awhile it might be time to have yours checked out too. Heather  

Idle Issues

    Searching through google today so many of you had questions concerning your car while it was at an idle. Typically your car should be running smooth while you are sitting at a light, parking lot or your driveway. This will be true for the everyday vehicle, for those who have a sports car or a performance car that will is not as true of a statement, but let's focus on the majority here. If you're having an issue it could very well be a motor mount or transmission mount. Those are the parts that mount your engine and transmission to the frame of your vehicle. After a period of time they begin to break down and they can break or crack causing excess movement of your engine or transmission. Some of the newer ones are a hydraulic mount and will be begin to leak as they get older. I would consider them a wearing item on any vehicle that will eventually have to be replaced, but typically not to often.  If you're having an issue with your vehicle please let u ... read more

Is it spring yet??

Spring??? It feels like it's been just an extended winter here in the valley. I've been waiting for spring to arrive for awhile now and looking at the forecast it looks like that might happen finally. While I enjoy a good fire and curling up to watch movies, I am more than ready to break out the outdoor fire pit and enjoy some time outdoors. We are so fortunate to live within an hour of great hiking or a fun day at the beach. If those things don't appeal to you it's an hour to Portland or south for what is typically a little warmer weather. While all those things are great, let's make sure you get there without a worry. Give us a call and we'll get you scheduled for an inspection and service to make sure you get to where you want to be. Jason and Heather

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