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We're Expanding

We're Expanding

We're adding on and doing a remodel. After a very long time and what seemed like would never happen we are finally under way. We have had our share of hiccups and road blocks. They broke ground back in September and then things got delayed. We received our permits from the county in December and they pour concrete a few weeks later. Two weeks ago they started framing and now we have two walls up. I am sure we will have more hiccups and it will take time.  The new portion of the shop will house 4 new bays with 20ft ceilings. We will be able to accommodate those larger and taller vehicles as well as some medium duty pickups. We will still service all makes and models cars, pickups, and vans.      We are so excited for this opportunity to serve our clients and our community. We have a women's clinic and a new drivers clinic in the works. We believe that everyone should be well informed on how to take care of their car. The clinics will cover how to ... read more



Snow tires or Studded Tires?

The benefit of both is no chains. The studless or snow tires do not damage the road. They do not do as well in ice as a studded tire though. A studded snow tire will cause more road noise when driving. The studless snow tire is made of a softer compound which does wear out quicker. You can expect to get 2 to 3 seasons out of your studless snow tires. The studded tires are a harder compound that allows the studs to be inserted and they will last until your studs fall out – typically around 5 to 6 years. If you are just concerned about having enough traction in the winter, then a studless snow tire is what you want. If you have icy conditions, then a studded tire is the way to go. Either way, you will be safer on your adventures, and you will not have to deal with chains. Happy Adventures, Heather   Our specials can be found here - Specials - J & H Automotive, Inc Ready to make an appointm ... read more

When do I have to take off my studded tires?

In Oregon and Washington you can put on your Studded Tires November 1st. They need to come off by March 31st. If you have Studded Tires then you know how much they help with traction in snow and ice. When conditions are not poor Studded Tires decrease traction in normal road conditions. If you are able to buy a second set of wheels with your Studded Tires. This prolongs the life of your Studded Tires by only using them when you need them. Give us a call and let us take care of you. Happy Adventures, Heather   Find us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/JHAutomotiveInc Instagram J & H Automotive (@jhautoinc) • Instagram photos and videos

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