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Happy Veterans Day!

I know I already wrote this on Friday, but I don't think you can say thank you to many times to the men and women who do and have served our country....and a little history that I found out over the weekend.

WWI ended on November 11, 1918 making this the 100th anniversary of that date. It ended on the 11th month, the 11th day and the 11th  hour. The world would not be the place it is today without every single one of those men and women who served our country. 

Did you know that veterans day is just that a day for those who have previously served our country, it is only for veterans and not for those who actively serve. I found that out this weekend when I was telling one of my dearest friends happy veterans day and thanking him once again for his service. He always says thank you but did correct me for the future. For those who are currently serving they have armed forces day which falls the third weekend of May each year.

Armed forces day - the third Saturday of May each year - honors those actively serving in the military

Memorial day - last Monday of May each year - honors those who have fallen

Veterans day - November 11th each year - honors those who have served and are no longer serving.

I have now made sure my calender is corrected for the future, it still doesn't hurt to say thank you for your service and I will continue to do so at every opportunity. 

Thank you a million times over.

Happy Adventures





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