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Holiday Travel Tips 2019 Edition

Merry Christmas and Happy 2020!! The next year brings huge changes to my family as our oldest son will be graduating from high school and moving onto college. He's unsure of where that might be, he could stay home (which I wouldn't mind) but he is also talking about going away....so we're just waiting on that. This year though with it being his possible last year at home I'm trying to make it as special as possible. We have holiday parties planned and adventures with friends. With all that coming and going it's a good time to remember some rules and tips when traveling in the winter weather. 

1. Make sure you have your phone and charger. If you break down you'll want it. 

2. Water - make sure you have a bottle for each person in the car

3. Blankets - I keep a blanket in the car at all times, this time of year though I add a couple or when I know we're going on a day trip I tell the boys to grab one. 

4. Emergency kit - they're so small now, and they have most anything you'll need if you're stranded on the side of the road - flares, signals, etc. 

5. Maps - yes we all have one on our phone, but there are times that we go adventuring and we don't have any cell phone signal so it's always a great idea to have a paper map in your car. 

We hope that you all have a fantastic holiday season and you get to spend plenty of time with friends and family. 

Merry Christmas and Happy Adventures, 


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