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My transmission is shifting weird

It's story time - just humor me for a moment. I will start by saying this was prior to me working at the shop, at the time the boys were little and I was working from home. I should have known better, but I didn't.

Jason and I took the boys to Seattle with his parents to watch a baseball game, on the way home we stopped for dinner as the boys were hungry. As we were getting ready to pull onto the on ramp suddenly we stopped moving. Nothing, nada, we weren't going anywhere. Jason with all his knowledge was able to get us off of the road and back down into a parking lot. Jason of course instantly knew what had happened. My transmission had gone out. From there he called the tow truck and we waited.  We finally got home around 3 am and when he looked at my vehicle the next day, he found the transmission had imploded on it's self and it had to be rebuilt. Now had I known the signs and symptoms I could have prevented all of the anguish and headache and my car would never had broke down.  The week prior to our trip it started to shift funny and I didn't think to tell Jason what was happening. Now I know and now you do too.  Anytime that your transmission starts to act up, shift hard, or just different it's in your best interest to have it checked. 

Give us a call and let us take care of you. 

Happy Adventures, 



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