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Why do I need to change my brake fluid?

Let's delve into the details of brake fluid contamination and the importance of a brake fluid service.

Brake fluid plays a critical role in ensuring the proper functioning of your vehicle's braking system. It operates within a closed hydraulic system, transmitting the force applied to the brake pedal to the brake components near the wheels. Over time, brake fluid can absorb moisture from the air, especially in humid conditions. This moisture contamination can have significant consequences for your vehicle's safety and performance.

When moisture infiltrates the brake fluid, it lowers the fluid's boiling point. Under normal braking conditions, the friction generated can cause the temperature of the brake fluid to rise. If the fluid has a lower boiling point due to moisture contamination, it can lead to the formation of vapor within the brake system. Vapor is compressible, unlike brake fluid, which is designed to be incompressible. As a result, when vapor forms, it can create a spongy feeling in the brake pedal and reduce the efficiency of the braking system. In extreme cases, it can even lead to brake failure.

Moreover, moisture in the brake fluid can contribute to corrosion within the brake system. This corrosion can damage critical components such as brake calipers and master cylinders, potentially leading to costly repairs.

A brake fluid service is a preventative maintenance procedure designed to address these issues. During a brake fluid service, the old, contaminated fluid is completely flushed from the system. Fresh, clean brake fluid is then added, and the hydraulic components are thoroughly cleaned to remove any residual contaminants. This process helps maintain the integrity of the brake system, ensures proper brake function, and extends the lifespan of brake components.

If you notice any signs of brake fluid contamination, such as a soft or spongy brake pedal, unusual noises, or a decrease in braking performance, it's advisable to schedule a brake fluid service promptly. Regular maintenance of your vehicle's braking system is essential for both safety and the longevity of your vehicle's components. Give us a call and let us take care of you. 

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