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My car has an oil leak?

Oil is a vital component of your engine and if you have oil leak you should have it checked. If you lose to much oil it could cause engine damage or runability issues. If you're wondering what's going on with your vehicle give us a call and let us take care of you.  Happy Adventures, Heather

Our Warranty

We have an in house 3 year / 36,000 mile in house warranty. We also have a 2 year / 24,000 mile nationwide warranty. Our in house warranty does come with the stipulation that we have to see the car a minimum of once a year and the issue cannot be from abuse or neglect. We do our best to take care of each of you, and we offer the best warranty on our parts and labor possible.  Happy Adventures,  Heather

Why does my car squeak when I turn it on?

If your car is squeaking when you first start it, it is most likely the serpentine belt that has stretched or has been contaminated with oil or other fluids causing the noise. Give us a call and we will make sure it's functioning as it should and make sure you're safe and ready to go.  Give us a call or request an appointment online. Happy Adventures, Heather

What will happen if I don't have my check engine checked?

When you're check engine light comes on it means that an error has occurred with the operating system in your car. It can be anything from a faulty fuel cap to a sensor or issue with the transmission. It's best to have it checked just to make sure it's not something that can cause damage.  Give us a call or request an appointment online and let us take care of you.  Happy Adventures, Heather

My older car has low miles and is leaking oil why?

While it's great to have low miles on your car, it can also be an problem if it hasn't been driven enough. The oil helps to lubricate the seals and gaskets without the lubrication the seals can become hard and shrink causing the oil leak. If you have a vehicle that isn't your daily driver or one that just sits around as a back up vehicle it's best practices to drive it once a week if possible. It gets all the fluids moving and can prevent your seals and gaskets from drying up and shrinking.  Happy Adventures, Heather

Why should I do maintenance?

Maintenance is the key to long vehicle life. When you keep your vehicle on a schedule and have the fluids, belts and other components done at the correct time it will save you money. Typically you will have fewer breakdowns do to neglect. Every vehicle that we see we make a personalized maintenance schedule. We do our best to educate each and every one of our customers on the care and maintenance that there car requires.  Give us a call to schedule an appointment and let us take care of you.  Happy Adventures,  Heather    

How often should I change the oil in my diesel?

We recommend to change the oil in your diesel pickup every 5,000 miles. A lot can happen in 5,000 miles to your engine and it's components. Small issues that you don't notice can become big ones if not taken care of or noticed. We do an inspection on every vehicle that we see every time we see it.  If you think it's time for an oil change on your diesel give us a call and we'll take care of that for you.  Happy Adventures, Heather

How do I know if my car battery is dead?

If your car battery has died then it's likely that your car will not be able to start. Batteries last for 4-6 years typically. In climates that have more variable temperatures they can have a shorter life span.  We do free battery and electrical checks, give us a call or stop by and we'll check yours for you.  Happy Adventures, Heather

My car is bouncing. Why?

My car is bouncing. Why?

If you've got a little to much bounce in your car it is most likely due to your shocks and struts being worn and they are ready for replacement. They wear very slowly so over the course of 75,000 miles you really don't notice that the ride has changed until you get new shocks and struts installed.  Shocks and struts don't just affect your ride quality they also affect your braking and how your car feels when it goes around a corner.  If you think it may be time to have your shocks and/or struts give us a call and we will get them checked out for you.  Happy Adventures, Heather

When should I replace my water pump?

When should I replace my water pump?

If your car is equipped with a timing belt then you should change your water pump and thermostat at the same time as you have your timing belt done. Typically with those engines it comes as a kit with the belt and components.  If your engine has a timing chain rather than a timing belt then it's not necessary to replace our water pump until it starts to leak or have an issue.  If you're wondering what type of engine you have then stop by and we'll check it and let you know.  Happy Adventures, Heather

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