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Why does my diesel have a misfire?

Why does my diesel have a misfire?

Your diesel could have a misfire due to a faulty fuel injector. Your fuel injector can fail due to do contaminated or bad fuel. Dirty engine oil on certain models, electrical failure or a mechanical failure of the injector. To know why we need to run tests to determine why you have a misfire and to prevent potential engine damage.  We start with scanning the ECM for diagnostic trouble codes this tells us if the ECM recognizes the issue as a misfire or as an electrical issue. From there we then will either check electrical connections or take a fuel sample. The wiring harnesses for some fuel injectors can come unplugged causing a misfire. The wiring harness can also become damaged due to rubbing or other damage such as rodents. Sometimes this can be repaired, other times it will need to be replaced.    When we take a fuel sample, we check for water contamination and other possible contaminates. To determine if the low-pressure fuel system is working properly, we test to ... read more



Are you open?

Yes we are open!! We are considered an essential business, and we are here to take care of you. We know that things are changing moment to moment and it's a bit un-nerving to be sure. We are open and we will be staying open to keep you on the road. Having the freedom to go to the store, doctor or anywhere else that is vital for you is so important and we want to make sure you're getting to your destination. We are taking extreme caution to keep everyone safe. We are sanitizing your vehicle before and after service. We will also pickup and deliver your vehicle to your home or if you're still working to your office.  We are unable to provide a shuttle ride at this time, but as soon as we are able we will be providing that service again.  Give us a call and let us take care of you 541-791-2886. Happy Adventures, Heather

Introducing to you our new Service Writer

First off I need to apologize to all of you. Our website desperately needs to have a few new photos and we are working on that currently for you. Secondly as of may we have a new service writer her name is Olivia and she's amazing. She is new to the industry but you would never know it.  If you have a moment give her a call or even better stop by and introduce yourself. You'll be happy that you did. Happy Adventures Heather

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