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Happy Veterans Day 2019!

Did you know that in Albany Oregon we have the largest Veterans Day parade this side of the Mississippi river. It's amazing and if you're ever able to attend you should.  We want to take a moment and thank all of our Veterans and families for there service to our country. Without them we would not be here.  Happy Adventures, Heather


Veterans Day

While driving my speedometer stopped working

Depending on the age of your vehicle it could either be a electrical malfunction or your vehicle speed sensor. If it is an electrical malfunction your instrument cluster might need to be rebuilt and if it's the vehicle speed sensor then it will need to be replaced. There could be many other reasons, but these are the two most common.  Give us a call and let us take care of you.  Happy Adventures, Heather



Why is it important to rotate my tires

Rotating your tires every 5,000 to 6,000 miles allows your tires to wear properly and will extend the life of your tires. This will also reduce the issue of cupping and vibration with more aggressive off road tires.  Give us a call and let us take care of you.  Happy Adventures,  Heather



How do I jump start my car

To jump start your car without causing damage you need to make sure your battery cables are hooked up properly. Always look for the positive + and negative - symbols on your battery or the designated jump start posts. The battery cables that you're using to jump start your vehicle should be color coded again always check for positive and negative.  Make sure you hook up the vehicle being jumped first. Hook the red to the positive and the black to the negative. From there repeat with the battery or vehicle that is helping you out. Give it a few minutes then attempt to start your vehicle. Do not crank for a long period of time this can damage the charging system on the helping vehicle.  Give us a call and let us take care of you.  Happy Adventures, Heather


Jump start

My battery was jumped wrong and my car won't start

In almost all cases your vehicle will need to be towed. This can be a costly repair depending on what was damaged. It can damage many components of your electrical system and battery. We always start by checking your battery function and your fuses. Then after those have been checked we move on to control modules and wiring damage. Sometimes we are lucky and it's just a blown fuse and you're back on the road. When ever you are having your battery jumped for any reason make sure it is hooked up properly.  Give us a call and let us take care of you.  Happy Adventures, Heather



Why should I service my brake fluid

Your brake fluid should be serviced when it begins to get moisture contamination. This depends on the climate and the area where you live. Your brake fluid services your entire braking system so it is just as important that it is in good condition as it is for the rest of your brake components. If you brake fluid has to much moisture contamination it can cause it to "boil" and that can cause a failure of your other braking components.  Give us a call and let us take care of you.  Happy Adventures, Heather


Brake fluid

Holiday Travels

Jason and I have always agreed that each holiday should be celebrated before we start talking about the next one. That doesn't mean I'm not thinking about the when, how, and what, it just means I don't talk to him about it. This year Thanksgiving feels really late and then the next thing you know Christmas is here and then we're talking about the new year. I know this year we have a lot of holiday traveling planned, so I am planning now when I need to get my car in for it's next service. I don't want to have to worry about getting it in at the last minute. Now is the time to start thinking about it, to schedule your appointment, and to make sure you're ready for anything.  Just as a note, we are closed on Thanksgiving and Black Friday. We like to give everyone a little more time with family and friends. We are also closing at noon on Christmas Eve and we are closed Christmas Day. We hope you all have a fantastic holiday season and that you enjoy every ... read more



Happy Halloween 2019!

We hope all of the little ghouls, goblins, princesses, heroes, fairies, witches and dinosaurs have a fantastic time tonight. Please be safe when you're out and about, especially when crossing the street. We would love to see you in your costume so stop by the shop and we'll have special treat for you.  We all have our traditions and even though my oldest is 17 I will still be taking him trick or treating tonight with his younger brothers. Plus it's expected of him. We've been trick or treating the same houses since I was a child so it's neat to watch the next generation. If he doesn't show up I am sure I will get some calls the next day asking where he was - it's happened before. This I am sure will be his last year of trick or treating, so I am hoping he enjoys it. Happy Halloween And Happy Adventures, Heather 


Happy Halloween

My check engine light came on and then went off

Anytime that your check engine light comes on that means that there is an issue. Your vehicles computer is continuously running tests and if one of those tests fail then it will trigger the light to come on. If it runs the test again and passes then sometimes it will turn the light off. The reason that the light came on to begin with will be stored in the computer so even if the light is not on, we can check to see why it was on.  Either way it's good piece of mind to know why it came on and to make sure all of your systems are functioning as they should.  Give us a call and let us take care of you.  Happy Adventures, Heather

Why should I clean my battery terminals

Your battery terminals should be cleaned whenever you start to get corrosion. The battery acid that is causing the corrosion is damaging to your battery terminals and to the battery cables. If these are not cleaned it can cause damage to the terminals which can shorten the life of your battery. It will also cause damage to the battery cables, and even to your wiring harness. These would then need to be replaced. When your battery corrosion gets bad it can cause a no start issue.  Give us a call and let us take care of you.  Happy Adventures,  Heather


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